Thanks to all clients who have submitted testimonials.
They are greatly appreciated.

“I just want to thank you for all your great advice when we met last year. I have been able to find some cute jackets and have invested in a few black jeans. I’m still a bit challenged finding tops I like that aren’t black, but working on it. I have also invested in a few more flat or low-heeled shoes with some pointy toes. Now when I go to clients, I feel put together and age-appropriate without feeling overdressed or frumpy. I also have some fun things to wear when I get together with friends or go on a date. And because of this, I find that I also feel more confident. All because of you!  Thank you again for all your help. It really made a difference.”


“Orene is really fun to work with and made me feel at ease. I’ve always wanted to find the right professional to help me look and feel my best and Orene is the perfect fit for me! Her preparation and the forms she used to help me, made our time efficient. She is extremely knowledgeable about fashion, and used her tools to help me define a personal style goal, and train my eye to see what flatters my figure. We went through my closet and got rid of out of date and ill fitting items and she made a shopping list and put together outfits that I would never have thought of. Everything we worked on was organized into a binder that I can look back on and add to. I have already booked another session to go shopping with her and am really excited that Orene is helping me to achieve my goal!”

~Rachel B.

“Thanks so much for your wonderful expertise and guidance during our big shopping trip.
You stayed so calm and centered–I am really impressed!
It is wonderful to look in my closet now and know that everything I see is something that fits and looks good too. That is so important to me.
I realize that I have some discomfort and unease about finding new clothes but you just forged ahead and helped me see a lot more possibility and I am so grateful.
Take good care, happy shopping, and I will be in touch when it is time for another addition to my wardrobe.
You are a star!
My Best,

“I recently hired Orene for her Image Assessment and Closet Audit. I am stepping up in my business and in life and was ready to know how to put outfits together for the image I want to portray, and what worked for me and what didn’t. It was an awesome experience.

Orene has a process that helps you identify the image you want to portray, your body type, and the colors that would work well for you and when, plus much more. She is professional, adorable herself (so put together!) and awesome to work with. We went through my entire wardrobe and now everyday I feel and look fabulous. If you haven’t done this yet, it is a MUST for every woman who cares about making a difference in the world. Thank you Orene.”

~Robin N.

“I’ve recently worked with Orene in 2 ways. I initially had her present to a group within a public speaking class I was leading. I wanted the attendees to understand that it’s not just about how you present your words, but also how you present yourself.

Orene gave an informative and useful presentation that highlighted how important your image is. She then went on to give each attendee a brief private image consultation. The attendees told me they appreciated it very much.

Next, I had Orene meet with me privately do an image consultation. She did a full consultation for me and took me through the steps of understanding my personality, body type, my roles in life, how I perceive myself and much more. It was fascinating!

I learned a lot and understand that I need to make some changes for the better. As a frequent speaker and group trainer, it will only serve me to look my best. With Orene’s help I expect to move up a big notch in this area. I highly recommend Orene.”


“I feel so much better about my closet, it’s wonderful.  I actually feel like I have more to wear now because I can actually find things and I have already gotten two compliments this week on my outfits!  It feels great to have gotten rid of so much stuff, I feel like a brand new person!  I ended up going through even more stuff (shoes, purses, t-shirts, etc.) and got rid of other things and cleared up a lot of space.  Next week I’ll be going shopping for the items you mentioned.  I already did a little window shopping this week and spotted an outfit that screamed Wendy, it was classy and vibrant.”

~Wendy G.

“I’ve been working with Orene Kearn as an image and wardrobe consultant for two years. As a homemaker, my wardrobe had suffered over time and needed an overhaul. Orene has helped me to add pieces that not only update my look but really flatter my body type. It’s fun to shop with her at places that used to overwhelm me. Orene has a very good sense for creating an elegant, updated and youthful appearance without crossing over into trendy.”

~ Pam P.

“My closet, clothes and way of thinking about how I present myself needed an overhaul. I didn’t know it would be so fun and painless.”

~ Cathy M.

“I’ve known Orene for seven years. I love her services. I feel like I am getting so much more out of my wardrobe. She takes pieces that I have in my closet and turns them in to great outfits! When I am shopping, there is no pressure. Orene makes the experience fun and worthwhile. I have received so many compliments since using Orene’s services.”

~ Chris P.

“Both friends and family have been commenting on my new look, and my good friends (who know) have considered doing the same thing! Even their husbands! I’ve felt so good taking time to take care of myself and look my best… and I’m finding it getting easier and easier to just look sharp, stylish and fun. Orene’s services have been a great investment for me!”

~ Jennifer K.

“I recently gave birth to my 4th child and was in desperate need of clothes that looked decent for work. Since my body is not back (who knows if it will ever be back) I knew I needed help shopping. I used Orene Kearn and she was truly amazing. (She is not a client of mine and I do not get anything for writing this endorsement!) She took a very painful process and made it bearable. Since I will be losing the weight I did not want to spend a lot of money on the clothes. She respected this and made sure that all items she chose were within my budget and were practical enough that I could have them altered when I lose the weight.

For any of you who need to update your wardrobe, obtain a new look, or find a few of the right pieces – I highly recommend Orene.”

~ Rachel M.

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