About Me

I am a certified Image and Wardrobe Consultant and an expert on strategic dressing for all body types. I feel passionate about ensuring that my clients always look their best (and stylish) and that their wardrobes fulfill their desires and simplify their lives. I love the changes I see in my clients’ self-esteem. I use my strong sense of balance and proportion, clothing design and fashion know-how to assist my clients in developing their unique personal styles and building their wardrobes to suit their needs.

I am also an accomplished wife, mother and successful entrepreneur. I know how strongly image can affect every aspect of life. Prior to becoming an image consultant, I practiced law, specializing in the areas of estate planning and probate and general tax law at major corporate law firms.  I attended UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.  After a successful 14-year career at one of California’s leading law firms, I decided to change careers and follow my passion.  Many of my friends had been asking for help in sorting through their wardrobes and improving their style.  After much education and study in the field, I earned my certification in image consulting and became a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).  I recently served on the Board of AICI SFBA.

Although it would seem there is no overlap between practicing law and image consulting, I find otherwise. Practicing law in the areas of estate planning and trusts involved interacting with clients in highly sensitive areas, often with psychological issues. In image and wardrobe consulting, I use these psychological skills and experiences to help put my clients at ease. Issues concerning self-image and body type are often at the heart of all personal image work. As the only AICI certified image consultant in the Bay Area with an intensive law background, I truly fill a niche for professional men and women.

“My technique for image consulting goes above and beyond appearing trendy or stylish – it cuts to the core of who you are. My goal is to have clients feeling confident about the image they present in every situation. Figuring out who you are is a daunting task and I’m proud to have developed a program to make it an uplifting and positive experience.”

~ Orene Kearn

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