Flared Pants – Do You Love Them?
Jan 16 2018

Flared Pants – Do You Love Them?

Career Appropriate Flared Pants

Flared pants are back in style. I love them because the proportion at the bottom balances out larger hips and rear ends, helping you look thinner in that area. Also, wearing heels with flared pants (that are hemmed to the shoes you’re wearing) makes your legs look longer! The caution is to make sure the size of the flare doesn’t overwhelm you. If you are shorter, the flare should be narrower, but the advantage is that you can have your legs look longer if you wear a heel. Taller people can wear the flares a bit wider.

The Wall St. Journal just ran a side by side comparison opinion piece with one person loving flared pants and the other hating them. The woman who loved them emphasized the fact that they can be dressier (and she didn’t wear a dress but flared pants to a cocktail party) and more versatile. You can wear them cropped or baggier, and it is easy to put outfits together. She also thinks they are much more comfortable. The woman who hated them thought she would trip and fall walking down stairs and that they are somewhat hazardous. This hasn’t been my experience if they are hemmed right. I think the key to looking good in flared pants is to make sure that the width of the flare is appropriate to your body type, height, office culture and personality.

What do you think? Do you love them or hate them? Why? I am very interested in your opinions.

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