Enhance Your Career by Upgrading Your Image — Dress for Success
Mar 18 2016
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Dress for Success

Behavioral scientists say that dressing for success in your workplace can set off a positive chain reaction. The piece goes into different psychological studies. For instance, one study concluded that “formal clothing made people think more expansively and abstractly — more like a leader. The study of men and women found that those less formally dressed tended to focus on more immediate, pragmatic concerns.”

A 2014 study looked at the connection between clothing and financial advantage in negotiations. A Yale professor paired men in suits against peers in sweatpants and flip-flops in a mock real-estate sale negotiation. The men in suits negotiated, on average, about 10 percent more profit than their casually dressed counterparts. The professor concluded that “casually dressed men not only lost money in their deals — more than $1 million below the fair market price — they also felt like losers heading in.” The observer and the man in the study both changed their behavior.

Dressing to enhance your career is all relative — relative to the culture in your office, your geographic area and your field. It is also relative to how others dress in your office. I give presentations on this topic. It is so important! The is a very interesting NPR piece.


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