Hide Your Underwear and Not too Tight, Wear Clothes That are Just Right
Apr 4 2013

Here are more important tips on dressing youthfully.

Hide your underwear. You may see the celebrities in US magazine photos shopping on Rodeo Drive wearing black lacy bras clearly visible under sheer white tops. Or they’re wearing summer dresses with straps falling off their shoulders or deciding not to wear a bra at all. Do not copy this look! Underwear should be where no one can see it. The proper undergarments make the outer garments look their best and shouldn’t be singled out as a fashion accessory. If some of your summer tops need special types of bras, take those tops with you to the lingerie dressing room and don’t leave the department until you’ve got a solution. You’ll enjoy your summer so much more when your undergarments are working with, not against, your outer garments.

Not too tight, just right. There are two things that make a woman look matronly and older. One is wearing shapeless clothes that hide the body; the other is wearing clothes that are way too tight all over. It’s important to fit your clothing to the curves of your body without looking like you’re wrapped in spandex (and leaving nothing to the imagination). Fit is crucial in looking confident and at ease. Jeans should not have their buttons strained or popping out. Short-sleeved t-shirts shouldn’t be binding your biceps. Your bustline shouldn’t be turning a striped pattern into a wavy pattern. The more clothes gracefully follow the lines of your body, the more you look healthy, in shape and not defined by age.

Sometimes the difference between too tight and just right is going up one size. A note to junior department shoppers: you may be able to find accessories in the cheaper junior departments of big chains, but do not buy your clothes there.

Too Tight!

Too Tight!

Junior sizes are for smaller, budding bodies. Women’s sizing accommodates a female body that has matured and developed into an adult. The junior version might be skin tight while the woman’s version will be cut fuller in all the right places. You won’t be sacrificing style for fit when you move into the department that caters to you.

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