Dressing Youthfully
Apr 4 2013

I want to discuss something I have been thinking about lately as I peruse the styles and trends in the magazines and stores.  In my mind, I feel like I’m 30 and able to wear all of the current styles. But, reality is hitting me.  Some of the new styles that I would be very excited about if I were twenty-something are just not age appropriate for me. In fact, as a general rule, if you dress too young, it actually makes you look older. Have you ever seen a woman from behind and thought she was in her 20s, only to have her turn around and see that she was much older? None of us want to look matronly, but none of us want to look like a “fashion victim” either. We all want to look youthful and current.

Here are some solutions to this dilemma.  I will discuss each in more detail in separate blog posts.

1.    Choose one trend at a time and modify the trend to suit you.
2.    Make sure your clothes are not too tight but just right, There are two things that make a woman look matronly and older. One is wearing shapeless clothes that hide the body; the other is wearing clothes that are way too tight all over. It’s important to fit your clothing to the curves of your body without looking like you’re wrapped in spandex (and leaving nothing to the imagination). Fit is crucial in looking confident and at ease.
3.    Embrace your youthfulness.  Dabbling in trends is a way to add this important element to your look. Your clothes can be classy while adding accessories that give your outfits some fun personality.

Thinking About Dressing Youthfully

Thinking About Dressing Youthfully


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