Does Looking Taller Help Your Career?
Apr 3 2013

“According to one British study, women who measure five feet eight inches or taller are twice as likely to earn more than $46,000 annually, $8,000 more than their shorter coworkers.”   I find this very interesting, since I think a dynamic personality and expert knowledge makes someone appear taller than they are.

Body language can help tremendously. Standing erect in a powerful stance – with your legs feet a few feet apart – can help.  Also, when you know your stuff and are perceived as very competent,  “you’re seen as less threatening, which can be great for collaborating and building alliances…”

Businesswoman walking tall and confidently

Businesswoman walking tall and confidently


We can dress strategically to appear taller, including wearing vertical lines in our clothes and wearing our jackets the correct length for our height.  For all of you petite women, this is one reason to actually shop in the petite departments of stores.

We all know that wearing high heels add height. I have a funny story about this. I had a cousin who was about 4’10”. I never saw her without heels on, even in her 80s.  In addition, she always wore her hair swept up, kind of piling it on top of her head.  I think this added about 3 inches. She always had excellent posture and a very strong personality.  Believe me, she was very strong, powerful and commanded respect.

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