Amy Pohler Loves to Organize Her Closets!
Jun 15 2011

In Parade Magazine a few Sundays ago, Amy Pohler (of SNL and Parks & Rec. fame) was asked in an interview if she had any weekend rituals. Here was her answer:

“We go to the farmers’ market and ooh and aah over the California produce. Avocados! I’m like, “Just take my wallet and fill up the basket.” Then, on a really awesome day, I’ll spend the afternoon cleaning out my closets. I love to organize. To me, there’s no greater grown-up pleasure than cleaning your drawers while listening to This American Life or Fresh Air on public radio. Your brain gets organized, and so does your underwear.”

Amy Pohler’s comment is after my own heart! Organizing your closet and simplifying your life, while always having stylish, flattering and fashionable outfits at your fingertips, is my goal for my clients.

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