Scary Fashion and Beauty Decisions

Going for a drastic new look with your hair? Have you been fed up with your hair for a while now? Are you pondering drastic measures? Put down the scissors or drugstore hair color products. […]

Do You Need Expensive Designer Jeans in Your Wardrobe?

How Can Jeans Cost $300?  Wall St. Journal Article, 7/7/11 This is the headline from an article in the Wall St. Journal.  I would love to hear your opinion about this. It seems a bit […]

Amy Pohler Loves to Organize Her Closets!

In Parade Magazine a few Sundays ago, Amy Pohler (of SNL and Parks & Rec. fame) was asked in an interview if she had any weekend rituals. Here was her answer: “We go to the […]

Dressing Conscientiously is Exalting in the Act of Being Alive!

“Dressing conscientiously is exalting in the act of being alive.  When you go out on the town, it’s an act of celebration…that you’re here.” –author and journalist Gay Talese as quoted in the article, “Jacket […]

Hemlines and style on HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”

For those of you watching HBO’s “Mildred Pierce,” what do you think of the Depression era hemlines and the wardrobe of the women on the show?  Do hemlines go up and down with the economy?

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