Look Your Best! Wear Confidence!

Many of my clients do not have the time nor inclination to figure out when and where to shop for clothes yet want terrific and appropriate outfits. They want to look their best easily, simplify their lives, dress with flair, and enhance their career by upgrading their image to look stylish without being boring.

I make revamping your wardrobe easier for you.  It fits your budget and you feel fabulous. The people who typically work with me are women and men who are professionals, leaders in all types of industries, speakers who make public appearances, celebrities, and those with social engagements.

As a certified Image & Wardrobe Consultant, I can help you:

  • Dress powerfully to enhance your career.
  • Determine your unique personal and professional style.
  • Break out of your fashion rut.
  • Transform your closet to make getting dressed a breeze.
  • Feel 110% confident in your appearance.
  • Prepare for dressing for videos, television, conferences and public appearances.
  • Save money by investing in quality, versatile clothes that are perfect for your figure or physique.
  • Save time when shopping for the right clothes.
  • Receive compliments and enhance your relationships.
If you are ready to take some action, schedule a free initial conversation with me by clicking here to sign up now.  Or, sign up in the box in the top right hand corner and you will start learning a little bit more about how you can start transforming your wardrobe yourself. If you need help down the line, let me know.  I’m happy to help.


Orene Kearn Image & Wardrobe Consulting

Orene made another appearance on The View From The Bay (channel 7, KGO TV), talking about how to "Get rid of the frumpiness!". Check out her segment here.

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"I used Orene Kearn and she was truly amazing. She took a very painful process and made it bearable. She respected my budget and needs and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to update their wardrobe, obtain a new look, or find a few of the right pieces."

– Rachel M

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